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Minimize Loss of Control via Pattern Precision

In order to reduce the likelihood of Loss of Control events, the FAA and industry will conduct outreach on the importance of maintaining currency and proficiency in maneuvering flight operations. 


FAA, GAJSC, and Industry agree that regular, structured; proficiency training is perhaps the most effective means of reducing general aviation accidents.  Because the traffic pattern involves nearly all piloting tasks, it is a logical choice for a proficiency-training environment.  Commitment to precision and consistency in pattern operations will yield operational safety benefits throughout the flight task spectrum.

Teaching Points:

· Traffic patterns are designed to effect safe, orderly, flow of aircraft to and from airports.

· Pilots in the pattern should be:

o Predictable.  Other pilots in the pattern should know what you are going to do.  Fly published patterns and use standard entry/exit procedures.

o Aware – Look and listen for traffic in the pattern.  Monitor the CTAF (Common Traffic Advisory Frequency) and Approach Control Frequency.

o Proactive – Announce your position and intentions in the traffic pattern.

· Regular Takeoff and Landing practice is essential to maintaining aircraft handling skills.

· Power-on and Power-off accuracy landing practice and training will yield immense benefits should a forced landing become necessary.

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